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The joy of being involved with home made crafts is the making, sharing and giving. As any hobby grows though, whether it is scrapbooking, rubber stamping or needlework, so do all the tools, equipment, supplies and accessories. What I have found over a number of years involved in the craft industry is that trying to store and manage all your craft supplies gets harder and harder. With a tidier and more organised work space comes an increase in productivity, as well as a decrease in stress, as you can lay your hands on the craft object that you require with the minimum of fuss. Many crafts now have specific storage equipment made just for them but it is not always easy to know what this equipment is or how to get hold of it. Below are links to pages on this website for a number of crafts and hobbies Each of these has short details on craft storage solutions for the relevant craft.

Scrapbooking Storage

Rubber Stamping Storage

Scrapbooking storageRubberstamping storage

Knitting Bags

Sewing Baskets

Knitting Bag StorageSewing baskets

Patchwork and Quilting Storage

Artists Storage

Patchwork fat quarter bagArtisits portfolio and storage cases

Figure and Miniatures Cases.

Figures and wargames case